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12th edition of the International congress on GIS and Geospace

Geotunis 14 to 16th November 2018

International Symposium

GIS and Remote Sensing applications in archeology; and management of heritage and touristic resources

Protection of archeological sites such as buildings, pieces exploration and archaeological excavations are a humanitarian duty, since it is indispensable in understanding the culture and the lifestyle of our ancestors. GIS and remote sensing can help us protect these sites from human and natural hazards; as they offer us inventory and management solutions. In this occasion the Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information is organizing an international symposium at the occasion of the 12th edition of Geotunis from 14 to 16th November 2018 in the touristic resort LAICO in Hammamet/ Tunisia.

GIS and Remote Sensing application in archeology; and management of heritage and touristic resources

Under the slogan

GIS and Geospace: bases for archeology, archeological research methodology and best use of museums’ collections

In this occasion, we invite you to participate by presenting your scientific works and research.

Scientific themes

Technological and digital applications in archeological and touristic management

First theme: Archeological and touristic database development

Second theme: Management of heritage and touristic resources

Third theme:  Database content analysis and management and heritage management

Fourth theme: Digital modeling, 3D touristic sites models

Fifth theme: Digitalization of monuments and touristic routes; and digital maps

Sixth theme: GIS role in the development of touristic and archeological sites

Seventh theme: Laser technology role in restoration and maintenance of archeological sites

Archeological sites and museums’ collections

First theme: Archeological sites and monuments

  • Prehistoric and Islamic architecture
  • Studies of archeological inscriptions and calligraphy
  • Environmental changes and its effect on archeological heritage
  • Old and new methods of analyzing building materials
  • Management and development of archeological sites
  • Restoration and maintenance of archeological sites
  • Illegal trade and excavation
  • Preservation of newly discovered archeological materials

Second theme: Museums’ collections

  • Content
  • History and value of museums
  • Art, writings in museums
  • Management of museum’s collections
  • Registration of museum’s collections
  • Environmental effects on museum’s collections
  • Ways of dealing with museum’s collections
  • Museum’s exhibitions
  • Preserving collections

Concerned with the event

  • National organization of culture, education and sciences
  • International organizations: UNESCO, ALESCO…
  • Research laboratories
  • History and monuments universities
  • Museums
  • Ministries of culture, education and tourism
  • Researchers, experts, students…
  • Companies, institutions, concerned with archeology and management of touristic and museums’ collections management.

Conditions of participation


If you would like to attend, fill in the symposium participation form.

Participation by the presentation of a research paper, poster or experience.

If you would like to participate by presenting a research paper, poster or experience, please fill in the participation form.

Research paper requirements:

  • Research abstract should be written in two languages (original language and a second one: languages of the magazine). Both abstracts should be one page long.
  • Research paper should be sent to this email address: atigeo_num@yahoo.fr
  • Mentioning footnotes
  • Reference should be added at the bibliography page and include (name of the author, year of the publication, page number between parenthesis).
  • If there is more than one author, the name of the author should mentioned in the text page and the other ones in the bibliography page following the alphabetical order.
  • When mentioning your resources, follow this order: last name, first name of the author, year of the publication, title of the book, publisher, and place of the publication.
  • Maps, table, graphics,… should mentioned in the same order as in the research
  • Title of the research, name of the researcher and the institution he works with should be mentioned in the first page of the research
  • Approved researches will be published in GeoSP magazine, holding ISSBN. Thus it should not be published anywhere else.

Note: participants will cover their own accommodation and meals fees

Scientific works acceptance deadlines:

  1. Sending us your c works: 15 october 2018
  2. Sending us posters: 15  october 2018
  3. PP presentations: 30  october 2018
  4. Sending us your attendance forms 30  october 2018


The symposium will be held in LAICO hotel Hammamet. The organization committee will be in charge of the transportation of participants from Tunis/ Carthage airport to the hotel.


Participants who need a VISA to Tunisia should contact the Tunisian embassy in their countries and inform us of the date of the VISA request deposit. For any inquiries please contact us via email.


Participants from countries, where there are no Tunisian diplomatic agencies, or those who could not obtain a VISA; can do so the airport of Tunis/ Carthage.