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The 9th International Congress of Gis and Geospace Applications

Geo-Tunis 2015

Hammamet /Tunis from 01 to 05 April 2015

Geotunis is the most important event, which attracts many participants. It is interested in geospace and gis, it also gathers participants to treat and present geospatial information and it provides training sessions in the field of gis and geospace applications.

Thanks to the international exhibition organized in parallel with the congress, participants will discover the latest technologies and GIS applications.  In addition they will be provided with a full program of scientific and training session and presentation of the most interesting institutions which produce geospatial information. Thanks to this annual event, geotunis provides all what you need in geospatial applications field, guarantee the marketing of geomatic and geospace industry, gives you the opportunity to profit from the latest technologies and scientific applications ,and enables institution, companies and studies offices to check and establish a business relationship African and Arab clients.

The 9th edition of geotunis will be held in cooperation with the Euro Arab union of geomatics, the French Organization for scientific and cultural exchange between France and the Middle East, the center of desertification study in Iraq, the Euro Mediterranean federation of scientific research and technological innovation and many institutions.

9th edition of geotunis is the result of negotiation between Arab and African experts and specialists who identify the needs of the area concerning gis and geospace applications in the field of sustainable development, security, military uses, water management, desertification, agriculture, survey, archeology, politics, environment, infrastructure, urban planning, cities and networks.

The five-day geotunis congress is an occasion to be in update with the latest technological research and development in gis and geospace field. Geotunis will treat many themes. It is also an opportunity to researchers and geospacial technologies producers to present their products and meets with public and private institutions and users of these technologies.

Register now to be part of this event and present you research to hundreds of experts and specialists from more 50 countries.  .

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